Live Stream Schedule & Class Descriptions

Pure Power
Our power classes are designed to add challenge to your existing yoga practice. With elements of increased focused core work, stabilizing postures, and arm balancing, these classes are accessible yet challenging. Enjoy the creative edge each yoga instructor brings to the mat, feel strong, and have fun!

Pure Flow
Our flow classes are specifically designed to be all levels accessible. Expect a traditional yoga-based practice with inspirations from our individual teachers and their diverse teaching backgrounds. Flow practices include a combination of breath work, mindfulness, flexibility, and stability. Make time in your day to hit pause, tune in and get connected.

Slow Flow
Our slow flow classes are the perfect combination of yin and flow styled practices. Move with deeper awareness of body and breath, slow down and enjoy a combination of standing postures, flexibility and mindfulness.  

Pure Yin
Our yin classes are designed to bring complete ease into your day to day life. These classes are the perfect  compliment to high intensity movement practices. Breath work, deep flexibility, longer holds, take time to relax soften and slow down. 

Pure Sweat
Inspired by Pure Fit, our sweat classes mimic HIIT training with an added functional twist. Challenge yourself with these circuit style sweat classes. Build endurance, stamina and strength. These classes are quick, effective and great ways to add diversity to your movement practice.

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